GOG says you’ll like these games, or your money back!

Published On January 30, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh


I’m used to seeing money back guarantees only on RVs and hair restoration creams, so imagine my surprise when GOG announced that not only are discounting some in-development games, they’re also guaranteeing you’ll like them! If you’re not completely satisfied, return the game in 14 days for a full refund!

And by return, we don’t mean return, because you just can’t do that with a digital download. But that’s what they’re calling it, so we’ll go with that. What matters is that if you really want dig into a game before it’s official release, you can do so. And if you don’t like that game, be it because of technical issues or it just isn’t your thing, you’ll get refunded, provided you make the request within 14 days of purchase.

Of course, GoG isn’t crazy. They’re not making this offer on all games that are in development, just the ones they’re pretty sure you’re going to like. The list opens with five titles, four of which are Mac compatible:

Personally, I’m not one to buy products before they’re ready for consumption. I prefer my cars to be fully assembled and my reuben sandwiches fully cooked. But if the game is right, I’d give this a go. In that case, it’s good to see GoG make that early bet a bit more safe.

For more information on the program, its regulations and its requirements, visit www.gog.com.

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