Go Rally launches as Apple TV exclusive

Published On February 4, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Apple TV

Go Rally

If you bought the new Apple TV for its gaming capabilities and have thus far been, well, disappointed, that may dissipate a bit with today’s announcement from Chillingo. The independent mobile games publisher has launched Go Rally, a racing action game “… that sees you barreling across perilous tracks at breakneck speed.”

Developed by Czech-based Inputwish, Go Rally is made exclusively for Apple TV, from its pass-and-play gameplay and easy to pick up Siri Remote controls to its widescreen visuals across 100 tracks.

With Go Rally, racers will:

  • Challenge friends & family as you rocket through each stage as fast as you dare then pass the Siri remote to see if others can beat your time.
  • Become the rally champion of the world in career mode and work up the ranks from Rookie to Pro.
  • Choose and upgrade your ultimate rally car, from pure rally and off-roaders to powerful Supersport models.
  • Customize it with a stunning paint job so that no one will miss you roaring across the tracks!

To give Go Rally a spin, search for “Go Rally” in the Apple TV App Store. Learn more at www.gorallygame.com.

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