Frozenbyte unveils Shadwen, doesn’t commit to a Mac version

Published On December 4, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | Gaming Talk

Although, to be fair, they technically didn’t commit to any version.

Mac gamers know Frozenbyte from the glorious Trine trilogy, but you may have also played Splot or Shadowgrounds, depending upon your platform of choice. If you’re fan of their work like we are, you’ll be happy to know the company just announced their new game and IP, Shadwen, which they say marks the return of true stealth games.


By this, Frozenbyte means Shadwen will actually focus on stealth, and not turn into a “gung-ho ridden action blaster.” Sounds good to me. I’ve got nothing against action blasters, but that level of mass violence has been creeping its way into IPs where it simply doesn’t belong. Tomb Raider, anyone?

As for this game…

Shadwen, an assassin on a quest to kill the king, has a chance encounter with a little orphaned girl, Lily. She follows Shadwen on her dangerous journey, but when the ruthless guards get too close, Shadwen must take action right in front of Lily’s eyes. Will she resort to violence and let Lily witness her crimes, or can she find another way and protect the child’s innocence?

To kill or not to kill – that is the question.

If the answer is actually up to us this time, Shadwen could turn out to be pretty cool. In the game, you will:

  • Avoid detection and guards, who will ruthlessly kill you upon capture.
  • Control time, which stands still when you are not controlling Shadwen, allowing you to stop at any point: mid-motion, during jumps, right before a guard sees you.
  • Carefully rewind time to manipulate your past and present actions to gain an upper hand on the guards. Make precision movements to nail each move and try different strategies for the ultimate solution.
  • Pick your assassinations carefully. Avoid being seen, heard or getting caught indirectly. Suspicious sights and noises will alert the guards – use it to your benefit.
  • Sneak and explore around the dark and gritty medieval province and use the environment to your advantage—use your rope to grapple onto rooftops, silently drop from ceilings, or veil yourself in the shadows.
  • Use physics and a freely attachable rope to drag and topple objects. Make deaths look accidental; let gravity do the grave work.
  • Set up traps and hazards to lure guards towards their untimely demise; discover new ways to eliminate or distract your foes by crafting items into deadly surprises, including poison traps, spike devices, smoke bombs and more.
  • Choose your play style, but remember that actions do have consequences.
  • Become a true god of stealth and protect Lily’s innocence—complete the game with no bodies left behind.

I reached out to Frozenbyte to see if a Mac version is currently planned, and was told, “Platforms still TBD/TBA, we’ll see how it goes.” I’m going to take that to mean the development platform is obviously not the Macintosh, but a Mac version could happen depending upon how development/sales go. Frozenbyte has embraced the Mac in the past, though, so I’m going to be optimistic on this one.

If you would like to learn more about Shadwen as details are announced, sign up for the Shadwen mailing list at

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