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Published On June 27, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad, Macintosh

If there’s one thing that modern living provides us, it’s easy access Mahjong. And that’s a good thing, even more fellows like me who don’t tend to gravitate towards casual games. This is because Mahjong is typically a relaxing—albeit often frustrating—solitaire gaming experience. Right now, a great way to try it out is with the newly released free Mahjong FRVR from FRVR ApS. This is partially because it’s kind of free, and partially because it’s kind of cool.

mahjong frvr

Mahjong, or course, is a solitaire game in which you’re presented with a stack of tiles in various patterns and must remove the matching pairs until all tiles are gone. You can’t remove tiles are blocked by others resting beside, above, below or above. That presents the challenge as a tile you need to remove may become permanently blocked if remove the wrong matching pair before it.

You likely know how it works by now, and you know that there are a ridiculous number of options to play the game. Compared to the competition, Mahjong FRVR will seem pretty bare-bones as it doesn’t offer any tile customization or enhanced gameplay features beyond the ability to get hints and undo a move. But the presentation is nice, with classically designed tiles with Retina support and a piano-heavy take on the relaxing (although perhaps a bit loud) traditional Asian music.

Other features include:

  • Smooth animations
  • Unlimited undo
  • Large 3D tiles designed to be easy to distinguish
  • Shanghai Solitaire game mode
  • Taipei Solitaire game mode
  • Level complexity from Easy to Tricky

Because Mahjong FRVR is an HTML 5 game, it can be played for free in your browser or downloaded directly to your iOS device. Either will give you access to a limited number of games per day, and you can pay to access other levels more quickly if you just can’t wait.

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