Fleet Glory bringing WWII naval combat to iOS

Published On July 7, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

I have retired from naval combat, myself. Having lost to my older and strategically superior brother countless times in Sea Battle for Intellivision, I left the service immediately after my one and only victory over him.

That was a long time ago, however, and Fleet Glory from Oasis Games could be the thing to once more send us out on the high seas.


Fleet Glory is a real-time PvP World War II combat game that brings 3D naval action to iOS and Android. It’s available now in Germany, France, and Russia, and will be coming soon to the rest of the world. The reason we’re telling you about it now is because players who go to the official Facebook page and leave comments and IDs under the Event post can claim one-of-a-kind in-game rewards.

Here’s why you’d want to do so…

Fleet Glory delivers a revolutionary multiplayer naval battle experience. Players can group up online to form PvP matches with as many as 10 players per team side. Battle against other naval commanders from across the globe or create a game room to fight alongside familiar friends.

The game’s mobile-focused design offers a fluid third-person-shooter-style fighting experience that allows players to shoot freely with a mere tap and swipe. Aim and attack enemies from an array of angles during close range combat or use the available telescope to blast enemies from miles away.

And for those who’d worry about realism and historical accuracy in a mobile game…

Fleet Glory is a World War II-themed naval battle game featuring over 100 well-known warships of the era. Man ships ranging from destroyers to cruisers to battleships and relive historic naval engagements on classic maritime match maps.

The game’s sea battles are stunningly realistic with dynamic weather systems and day- and night-time effects. Ambitious commanders can dial up the realism further by opting for manual pilot mode and assume responsibility for maneuvering the ship while continuing to direct fire.

A game of this magnitude will offer to plenty to learn and do, of course, so each PvP or PvE battle is a lesson in naval strategies and tactics. The challenge is there, too, with special mission tasks like taking a specific harbor or sinking five enemy ships.

An open beta is set to launch next week, so head on over to the Fleet Glory Facebook page for notifications and details.

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