Explore the Galaxy of Pen & Paper with neither pen nor paper

Published On July 27, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

galaxy of pen and paper

I’ve likely mentioned this before, I never played much D&D. I absolutely should have, but at the time I was more into lasers and spaceships than swords and dragons.

What I did play was Star Frontiers. I was a Yazirian. I’d tell you about it, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because Behold Games has moved their RPG sim Knights of Pen & Paper into outer space with Galaxy of Pen & Paper, now available for Mac. Sticking with the tongue-in-cheek formula, this “game about a game” challenges players to assemble a crew of intrepid astro-adventurers with the hope that they know what they’re doing.

More specifically, Galaxy of Pen & Paper…

… juxtaposes the world of pen-and-paper RPGs with roleplaying video games. The new game retains the retro look and classic turn-based gameplay of its predecessor, but incorporates a sci-fi theme that lets players man spaceships, explore planets, and battle their way across the stars.

Instead of worry about losing dice (and then stepping on them), role-playing gamers will:

  • Control both the adventurers and the Game Master as you fight, loot, and laugh your way to space.
  • Experience spaceship battles, stories with multiple decisions, sci-fi classes and races, and planet navigation/exploration, all while traveling through space and time.
  • Pick your players, races, and classes while unlocking new content with your blood, sweat, and dice rolls.
  • Customize everything from battle encounters to the Game Master’s table.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper is available now for macOS and iOS. For more information, visit www.galaxyofpenandpaper.com.

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