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Published On July 28, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh


It’s been a while since we’ve run a game giveaway here at Public Access Gaming, and we can think of no better reason to get back into sharing the generosity of others than the fact that you’ll all soon be heading back to school. Not us, of course; we’re done with that. But for many of you, the horror begins anew within a month.

So, why not prepare yourself with Aspyr’s forthcoming cyberpunk horror game: >Observer_?

The year is 2084. If you somehow survived the Nanophage, odds are you were killed in the War. Those who live have turned to drugs, VR, neural implants— anything to distract themselves from this new reality. You are Daniel Lazarski, an elite neural detective known as an Observer, and part of a corporate-funded police unit whose purpose is to hack and invade suspects’ minds. In this future, anything you think, feel, or remember can be used against you in a court of law.

When you receive a mysterious message from your estranged son, a high-level engineer for the almighty Chiron Corporation, you journey to the seedy Class C slums of Krakow to investigate. But as you hack into the unstable minds of criminals and victims to look for clues, you are forced to relive their darkest fears. How far will you go to discover the truth?

Perhaps a better question is how far will you go to win a free Steam key when the game is released on August 15th? Will you read the full giveaway rules and regulations? Yes, because you have to tell us you did. Will you learn more about the game and its system requirements at aspyr.com? Yes, because it’s not our fault if your system can’t handle it. Will you conveniently forget how terrified you were by developer Bloober Team’s previous horror title—Layers of Fear—to brave their storytellers once again? Maybe not, because being terrified is half the fun.

If you’re willing to do all that, you can enter for your free Steam key by completely filling out the form below. The contest will run from July 28th through midnight (PDT), August 11th, 2017. The winner will be notified on August 12th, and will receive the Steam key (valued at $29.99) soon after launch on August 15th. In the event of a delay in the Mac release of >Observer_, the Steam key can still be redeemed for download when the Mac version releases. Note that per Steam’s policy, the key can be used to download the game on any platform for which it’s available.

Good luck!

>Observer_ Giveaway Entry Form

The giveaway is now over.

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