Glory Ridge

Did you see that Glory Ridge is now available in the U.S.?

Published On March 23, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

I ask because Hong Kong-based Oasis Games announced last week that a public beta is coming soon, but it seems Glory Ridge dropped on March 19th. That’s good news for mobile gamers who enjoy strategy MMO RPGs, as the game’s PVE and PVP battles have already been polished after its initial release in Asia.

Glory Ridge

The free-to-play game is set in a fantasy world where players build empires to fight in strategic battles…because what’s the point in building an empire if you’re not using to crush others?

Players can take part in strategic turn-based battles and then head into large-scale warfare against other players. Success will fall onto you…and will depend on having a great combination of units and tactical battle deployment. Level up Heroes and charge into battle alongside a huge variety of units from raptor riders to chivalric knights. Head home from battle to build your kingdom, ensure you have enough resources to feed your army, and enough defenses to stave the enemy off.

Once players have a strong force they can join with friends and forge alliances. Every alliance has its own territory region, alliance members can join together to wage war on enemy players to take new land for their own. Alliances can also band together in PVE boss fights that drop high-level loot to equip heroes with the best. Alliance members can even share unwanted loot with each other.

Full features include:

  • A classic, fantasy style turn-based SRPG with an amazing art and amazing AI simulator
  • Improve your power and level in many different ways, become this fantasy’s highest ruler
  • Create your own hero and develop his/his abilities; strengthen your equipment and army
  • Explore the world and gather as many resources as possible; precious rewards await you
  • Create your Alliance together with empires of different regions of the world; help each other by building strong cities
  • Alliances have more than 50 skills to improve
  • Your choices on how you use your resources will be decisive

Glory Ridge

The Oasis Games website doesn’t seem to have any details on Glory Ridge, so let us send you directly to the iTunes App Store for more information.

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