Did you notice that Crossy Road ain’t just about chickens anymore?

Published On March 5, 2017 | By Aaron Kraus | Apple TV

Crossy Road had its day on the stage at an Apple keynote, and since then it has addicting players to getting the chicken (safely) across the road. So, what could possibly take our addiction to the next level? Disney Crossy Road.


Mickey…and More

You read that right. Disney-themed Crossy Road is now available on Apple TV, so you can spend hours dodging cars, trains, and automobiles with Mickey Mouse. But the fun doesn’t stop there; where the original Crossy Road had different;y themed levels (Australian outback, winter and halloween holiday levels, and several Asian-inspired settings), Disney Crossy Road gives you movie-themed levels to play through. Each one includes different scenery and interactive elements appropriate to the movie, like the cars from Zootopia or trippy time elements from Alice Through the Looking Glass.

DCR Monsters Screen

Instead of cars and buses, you have to weave your way through animals, background characters, and other delightful elements appropriate to each movie (think wildebeests from The Lion King and a horde of Chinese revelers from Mulan). There’s also a new element in some levels: vertical challenges. Examples include searchlights in Monsters, Inc., falling cannonballs in Pirates of the Caribbean, and loose blocks in Toy Story. Get hit by one of these and it’s game over.

The level of uniqueness and number of playable characters from each movie make this a refreshing version of the existing game, but Disney has added gameplay goals as well. You collect coins and tickets, each exchangeable for a different type of character. There are also two types of challenges: a daily challenge and a special weekend challenge. Each weekend challenge has a variety of associated missions with major rewards, and each one revolves around a specific movie level, with prizes related to that movie.

The Story Goes On

Disney’s doing a great job of continuing to release content. New movie-themed levels tend to appear every month or so, and the special challenges give you a great way to get started without having to actually spend money in the app. Although the game is available for Apple TV and iOS devices, the only downside is no multiplayer support like in the original Crossy Road. Here’s hoping that gets fixed in the future!

DCR Monsters Promo

Disney Crossy Road is available free from the App Store. In-app purchases are available.


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