Dawn of War II rises on Mac and Linux

Published On September 29, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

More specifically, Warhammer® 40,000®: Dawn of War II® and the standalone expansions—Chaos Rising and Retribution—rise on Mac and Linux, bringing with them many registered trademarks. Did Games Workshop really get a trademark on the number 40,000?

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II

While I’m looking into that, you should be checking out the games, which bring to life the sinister science fantasy universe of Warhammer 40,000 during a pitiless war pursued by six rival races across the inhabited worlds of Sub-Sector Aurelia. Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising and Retribution are three individual games linked by the relentless combat of implacable enemies.

For those unfamiliar:

It’s the 41st Millennium in the Sub-Sector Aurelia, a cluster of worlds on the edge of the Milky Way, where a battle of epic proportions is about to begin. As a newly promoted Force Commander of the Blood Ravens Chapter, it is your privilege to lead crack squads of Space Marines into battle against the forces of Orks, Tyranids and Eldar that threaten the Imperium of Man.

Driven by an innovative campaign narrative steeped in the lore of Warhammer 40,000, armies of technologically advanced warriors wage brutal war against remorseless enemies in a series of addictively fast-paced and visceral combat missions.

You can learn a lot more by visiting Feral Interactive, or checking out this video.

You’re also welcome to dive right in by grabbing the games there, although they’re also available at Steam and the Mac App Store.

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