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Published On August 14, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad, Reviews

There are three things the iTunes App Store has in abundance: chaos, chronicles, and women who don’t wear pants. Nexon Korea has combined the three into Chaos Chronicle, focusing heavily on the “chaos.” There is an awful lot going on in this game, providing plenty to do with plenty of incentive to return. That’s a good thing, because relying on story and characterization to drive interest is as futile to the game’s players as armor is to the game’s characters.

chaos chronicle

Funny thing there is that’s a screen capture from app’s loading the screen. The original promo graphic provides even less coverage. Can you spot the difference?

chaos chronicle

So, apparently someone involved decided Spanx are necessary, but has no problem with impossible boobs.

chaos chronicle

I really just don’t understand how any of this works anymore.

Anyway, what little story there is immediately gets lost in the myriad tutorials you’re provided when starting up. These are helpful, but the game races through them so quickly that it’s initially hard to remember where to go or even why you’d want to. But you do, because the red dots that appear throughout the UI yield items such as gold, rubies, armor, and new heroes like Juan, here.

chaos chronicle

The game’s launch period has provided so much of all this that you’ll initially wonder what you could possibly do with it all. Don’t worry…that’ll become clear somewhere around chapter 4 or 5. I’m now just a few levels into chapter 5, and although I haven’t yet felt the need to spend money on in-app purchases, I’ve had to become more meticulous with my strategies and resource allocation, and I could easily see how I’d be in trouble without all of the launch bonuses. I highly suggest you do so before the end of August, as the bonuses will help considerably as you acquire and level up heroes, their armor, their weapons, their skills, etc., either through purchases or the game’s bonus combat areas.

The battle system is easy to figure out. You go into a side-scrolling fight with five heroes, each of whom will have his/her/its own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need to balance these out for the fight ahead, taking into account your enemies and your preferred tactics. Putting one or two tank units up front is generally a good idea, followed by units with ranged attacks or healing properties, but there are countless combinations from which you can choose.

The battles basically play out on their own once they commence, with you determining when you to use each units special attack. Your enemies do the same, however, and the only way to counter their special attacks are with your own (perfect timing causes double damage) or by killing them. So, lobbing a grenade over your defensive units to they enemy’s ranged attackers may seem like a good idea, but it’s sometimes best to hold onto that until a special attack is coming. Same goes for your charging units; use your special attack to clear out a bunch of enemies at once, or hold until a special attack is coming.

chaos chronicle

Making the right decision (or just lucking into it, as often happens) can determine not only whether you complete the level but also whether you achieve all three “stars” in doing so. What are the stars for? Well, if you get all three you can go back and use subjugation tickets to get crests (for powering up your heroes), experience and gold.

The main benefit to the simple battle system is that the game is quite easy to play on smaller iPhone screens. Managing everything else, however, is not. The detail screens are tiny, and many of the buttons/symbols you need to hit are very small. If you log in with a Facebook or Google+ account you can share your game across multiple devices. I would highly suggest you do so, although I’m disappointed there are no iCloud saves. I get that developers dig the sharing aspects of the social media sites, but those of us with a distaste for Facebook and most things Google would sure like to have a less invasive option.

Speaking of sharing, there are plenty of social things to do in Chaos Chronicle, I’m just not sure I get the point. You can affiliate yourself with various houses, then earn sharing points by…sharing with them. You can also battle others in the arena, the results of which are determined strictly by the strength of your party…you get no control in these battles. And finally, you’ll occasionally encounter bosses in story mode that you don’t fight on your own; they get sent to the Raid area where you can team up with others to beat them…or so I’m told. Every time this happens to me there’s no one around to help, and I lose. No worries, though…you get some rewards just by fighting.

Okay, so I’ve been talking about Chaos Chronicle for a while now, but do you really have any idea what I’m saying? If not, that’s because the whole experience really is kind of a mess. A wonderfully fun mess, but a mess nonetheless. Why do I have to keep going to my inbox to achieve rewards? Why not just dump them where they go? It’s kind of like having a mailman that makes you tell him to put each individual piece of mail in the box instead of just, you know, doing his job.,Is there a reason why my character upgrades remain dormant until I tap to tell the game that, yes, I’d like for my heroes to become stronger? I suppose that has to do with the gold you have to spend to level up, but again, I’m five chapters in and gold hasn’t been problem. Considering the game’s heavy promotion of in-app purchases, I guess I should expect that to change soon.

Still, I push through the mess because, honestly, I’m greatly enjoying the game. Despite not caring much about the characters and their story, I want to keep playing because the combat is fun and it looks fantastic; the animation is smooth, colorful, and fun to watch. The entire affair has a highly professional polish to it, especially the graphics and music.

chaos chronicle

As mentioned up top, the costumes on both the female and male characters can be ludicrous, but they’re thankfully less unsettling in gameplay than in the cut scenes.

It’s hard to give a rating to a game I’ve been playing a week when it’s meant to be played endlessly, but I can say I’ve enjoyed my time with Chaos Chronicle so far. The real test will come when I hit that inevitable pay wall and I have to decide whether it’s worth it to pump in some money. I suggest anyone into action RPGs join me, especially if you’re more about the battle preparations than the battle themselves, which are engaging, but quite short. That may be a good thing, too, as Chaos Chronicle provides a massive attack on your device’s battery. I’d like to provide some armor to my iPad to help defend it’s power, but I imagine it’d be embarrassed by the amount of cleavage it’d have to show.

Genre: Action RPG
Seller: Nexon Korea
Requirements: iOS 7.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Availability: Now at the iTunes App Store
Grade: B

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