Chaos Chronicle gets expansive Halloween update

Published On October 27, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

chaos chronicle halloween

You may have noticed when you launched Chaos Chronicle this morning that it has received a Halloween makeover, complete with jack-0-lanters and spooky backdrops. Well, Nexon Korea has announced that the update is much more than cosmetic, bringing you everything from new costumes to additional levels to limited-time to boss battles.

Chaos Chronicle is a side-scrolling, 2D action RPG that received a B rating from us back when we gave ratings in our reviews. What I said about the game back in August still stands—good and bad—but I must add now that the developers, WING Studio, have done a fantastic job of keeping things interesting; not a day has gone by since I started playing the game without me logging in to play five levels (or at least subjugate them) per the daily requirements.

And this Halloween update is another example of why Chaos Chronicle remains in my golden triad of iOS JRPGs. Featured in the update are:

  • Customizable character costumes: Players start off with Halloween-themed costumes to kick off the season for Elisa, Zached, Sia, Lone and Poporu. Costumes can be applied to matching heroes of any rank.
  • House Level Expansion: Heroes now have an increase in their maximum house level from 50 to 60.
  • New Stages: New chapters 19 and 20 unravel new storylines in both regular and hard modes.
  • A Limited time Halloween-Themed Raid: Through Halloween, players will take on the Pumpkin Fairy Raid Boss as accessories drop into battle.

And as you’d expect around this time of year, the battle costumes make even less sense than they did before…especially for the lady folk.

Chaos Chronicle is available now for free in the iOS App Store. IAPs are available, but taking advantage of them is more a show of respect than a necessity. For more information, visit

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