Casual Game Spotlight: Wonder Cat Adventures

Published On February 28, 2016 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad

All you cat owners know the signs: front end down, intent stare at the target, rear end waggle…pounce! With Wonder Cat, the only thing preceding the jump is the player tapping the screen. It may seem a bit of a let-down, but then this cat is in a space age pouncing machine, so…not bad.

Wonder Cat is an obstacle course game where the only command you need is to tap the screen to make kitty jump.

Wonder Cat Adventures

Stay on the path (miss your landing pad and you fall off) and collect the crystals. At the end of each level the game will give you the standard one, two, or three star (or crystals, in this case) rating. There are several levels per environment and five environments in the game, so you can busy yourself poking your iPhone for a few hours before getting to the end.

As with most obstacle course games, this one involves a lot of getting to know the course and learning the pattern. There were a couple of interesting turns in the first few levels with this one, such as an early level which changes the direction of movement. A couple of levels later, the game tries a more difficult switch-up; the hang time per jump changes. This requires a little more time to relearn jump timing, and it keeps things interesting.

Wonder Cat Adventures

Wonder Cat Adventures looks good and has a really nice soundtrack. It may be a bit difficult to see the can in the pouncing pod in you’re not playing on the larger iPad screen, but you’ll get a brief close-up at the end of the level. This is a simple game, but that is part of what makes it appealing; straightforward, challenging, good looking, and fun to play, Wonder Car Adventures it is worth adding to your collection of fun distractions.

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