Casual Game Spotlight: REDCON

Published On May 7, 2016 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad

Welcome to the State. Your Fuhrer needs you to command your forces and defeat the remaining Krux.


Yes, this game has chosen the unfortunate title of Fuhrer for the leader of your society. Luckily, the game itself is not bad. The basic premise is to manage some artillery—or a fort—with cannon and mortars. You have limited manpower to aim artillery, man utility, and repair anything which gets damaged by the enemy.

The look and feel of REDCON is a steampunk mash-up of WWI artillery, gas masks, and helmets mixed with modern and sci-fi elements like RADAR, computer assisted targeting and a health rejuvenation beam/chamber.

The visuals use a split screen approach to keep your fortification large enough to manage all the bits and pieces while allowing for enough time between when a shot is fired and when it lands to support the notion of long distances between you and the enemy.


While some of the details are on the small size on an iPhone screen, the game has a handy Pause feature (just tap the middle of the screen to toggle pause on/off). While the game is paused, you can tell your forces to select a new type of ammunition, give orders to your soldiers to go to a different area, or select new targets. Use this feature well and it can help you save your guys from chemical attacks, incoming rockets, etc. If the game is moving too slowly for you, there is also a speed-things-up feature; just swipe from left to right and the pace doubles (swipe right to left to resume normal speed).

REDCON comes with the expected premise of win, gain experience, upgrade, win some more, etc. The first couple of rounds take it easy on you so you can get the hang of it.  After that, you will need to consider what elements you want, how to arrange them, and how to manage your resources during battle.

There is not much new with this game, but that is getting harder to find all the time. REDCON is, however, easy to play and challenging enough to keep you trying to get through each level.

Besides, you get to blow stuff up—always a good time.


REDCON is available now for free (with in-app purchases) in the iTunes App Store. For more information, visit

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