Casual Game Spotlight: Faily Brakes

Published On March 20, 2016 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad

Faily BrakesThere are some things in life where you want nothing to happen when you stomp on them (you know which bag I’m talking about). Your brakes, however, are not one of those things. And unfortunately for you, in Faily Brakes, this is exactly what you have to deal with.

What the game has is a downhill slalom course of trees, trains, cars, and rivers to jump. What it doesn’t have is brakes. The game also uses some disturbingly realistic physics when it comes to sliding around on the green ice. The flying through the air and flopping around like a rag doll part may not be realistic, but you can get some spectacular hang time when you crash.

And you will crash.

The game is challenging and rewards you with points you can use to buy new cars to pilot down the never ending hill. You can also spend some real world money to buy new cars (usually from $0.99 to $1.99). The game will even let you take a few trial runs in a new model before either buying it or earning enough points for it.

The graphics are more of the retro blocky thing, but given the simplicity of the game it can be overlooked (the vehicles have the best definition).

Faily Brakes is not a bad game, but be warned—it’s heavy with adware. With all the pop-ups and videos I wonder if the game wants me to play Faily Brakes or download and play Mobile Strike (by far the most frequent ad).

Faily Brakes ad

Although the ads are overdone, there is still some fun to be had with the game itself. Not bad, but Faily Brakes is nothing to go too far out of your way for.

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