Casual Game Spotlight: 9 3/4 Bit Fish

Published On March 5, 2016 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad

9 3/4 Bit Fish

This is not the story of the incredible Mr. Limpet, but it does involve a fish. This one is going to be short and to the point.

9 3/4 Bit Fish is a simple obstacle course game in which you touch and swipe to position your fish to navigate through the barriers, underwater lasers, etc. There are some additional fish you can earn as you gain levels.

Unfortunately, the game is trying to look retro with the whole 8 bit thing which is not really necessary or relevant because this isn’t a rehash of a classic game. The sound and music is so-so at best.

Finally, the last fold in the wrapping paper for this fish is the game is that it is dedicated, persistent, and otherwise unpleasant adware. You get pop ups when you restart (left), you get videos when you restart (middle), and you get a watch ads button when you pick a new fish:


9 3/4 Bit Fish

So, you spend about as much time watching ads as you do playing the game. This is as bad as TV.

There really wasn’t much fun to be had playing the game, either; it was actually a bit boring. We expect some ads with free games, but a pop-up or video after every “life” and every restart is too much. Given the lack of fun and the overabundance of ads, I’m sorry to say 9 3/4 Bit Fish got deleted fast and I can’t recommend it.

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