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Published On October 27, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | Accessories

If you like to drink champagne and dance all night under electric candlelight, and if you like to do so with quality audio, the audio experts at Blue Microphones have a new set of can ready for you. The company has just announced Lola, “… a high-fidelity headphone that reveals detail in your music you never knew was there – detail hidden from you by some of the biggest headphone brands around.”

Now, you’re probably thinking, “That’s great, Kirk, but this is a gaming website. Why bring it up here?”

Because audio is very important to gaming, yet most of your gaming devices don’t treat it that way. Whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, or even a 3DS or Vita, mobile gaming tech just doesn’t pack decent punch to make those explosions and whatnot match the quality you’re getting with graphics these days. And if you’re using Apple’s Earbuds, God forbid, you’re losing as much in your games as you are in your music.

Blue Lola HeadphonesAs such, whether I’m gaming on the sofa or in front of my iMac, I use Blue’s Mo-Fi headphones whenever possible. But we’re not here to talk about those, we’re talking about Lola, which was inspired by “… Blue’s radical holistic design for optimized performance and the most personalized fit.” That includes a lighter, slim-fit headband. This is a welcome change from Mo-Fis, as one of my only complaints about them was that the headband was a bit too heavy and not padded enough for long-term comfort. The Lola headphones still feature Blue’s four-point multi-jointed linkage system and pivoting arms to keep the headphones parallel, and the earcups are shaped like ears to provide a solid seal and noise isolation.

In addition:

Lola’s sealed over-ear design and massive custom 50mm drivers provide extremely accurate sound reproduction, while the precision acoustic cabinets present an impeccable sound stage. Whether you’re listening to MP3s, lossless music, vinyl or Spotify, you’ll notice never-before-heard detail with Lola—the headphones with nothing to hide.

That’s important, because you want your headphones to sound great with everything, not just games.

Finally, Lola comes with a soft travel case and two high-quality audio cables: a 3-meter audio cable and a 1.5-meter cable with built-in mic and Apple iPhone/iPad controls.

Lola will retail for $249.99, and will be available in charcoal black and pearl white this November at Amazon, Best Buy online, and Guitar Center, with further authorized retailers to be announced.

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