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Published On February 21, 2017 | By Bill Stiteler | Macintosh, Reviews

Sports! The manliest of all sports! But what if sports could be even more manly? By adding non-humans? Like Orcs, rat-men, chaos beings, lizards, and—the manliest of all beings—elves? Such is the premise of the original fantasy football game, Blood Bowl, which translates American football to the Warhammer Fantasy realm, and adds lots and lots of injuries with the latest version: Blood Bowl 2.

Blood Bowl 2

You start by choosing a general race for your team, each with strengths and weaknesses. Humans are good all-around players, orcs and dwarves are tough but slow, elves are good at the passing game and dodging, skaven (rat-men) are fast but fragile, Chaos beings are brutal and can mutate, etc.

Your goal is to score points by getting into the end zone. Each half is divided into 8 turns, with each team getting one possession in each turn. Your turn lasts until you are out of players with a valid move, or until you screw up (your player gets tackled, fumbles the ball, or otherwise falls over). Thus, you have to plan your moves according to importance and likelihood of success—do you go for the Orc going deep first, or do you move into position around the ball?

Blood Bowl 2

Being based in the Warhammer universe, Blood Bowl 2 has a twisted sense of humor with an emphasis on violence. Each character has a specialty (blocker, thrower, catcher, assassin, warlock), but every character can pretty much take every basic action. You’re expected to tackle opponents even if they’re nowhere near the ball, and if a player gets flattened, you can also try to injure him to take him out of the game.

Blood Bowl 2

So Here It Is:

I’ve loved Blood Bowl since it was a board game, and the newest video release translates that experience almost exactly. The game keeps track of which moves are legal, when you’re “going for it” (moving extra spaces at a risk of falling), and what your chances of success are. It even rolls virtual die (which you can see and select) to determine who gets knocked down. It’s a wonderfully weird mix of sports simulator and RPG combat.

Genre: Turn-based Strategy Sports Sim / Fantasy
Developer: Cyanide
Minimum Requirements: OS X v10.10, 3 GHz Intel core I5 processor, 4 GB RAM, ATI Radeon HG 6970 M/Nvidia GeForce GT 650M, 8 GB hard drive.
Price: $44.99
Availability: Now on Steam

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