Bejeweled Stars now twinkle for iOS

Published On May 10, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Didn’t matter what kind of gamer you were back in the day, it was just a given that most of us had a copy of Bejeweled. Many of us still do. And now, with Bejeweled Stars, we’re getting a reimagined version for iOS, adding all-new challenges, collections and “fun ways to express yourself” to the classic gem-matching gameplay.

Bejeweled Stars

It’s so new, in fact, that we need guides to lead our way: Felis the StarCat and Corvis the StormCrow. With their help players will:

  • Collect SkyGems and use them to create Powers like the Scrambler, Flame Swapper, Flutter Gust and many others.
  • Experience new challenges. Turn obstacles into your advantage as you get to know Currents, Clouds, Glaciers and more.
  • Earn Stars to light up the night sky and complete Constellations to unlock Special Powers.
  • Open special Chests to unlock Charms, dazzling Bejeweled emojis. Collect them all to tell your Bejeweled story.
  • Use Charms to express yourself and send personal messages to friends.

Sound like a lot? Maybe too much? You can allay your fears with the knowledge that this is PopCap, and they know a thing or two about “polish and personality,” as they say in the press release. That, and it’s a free download, so fans of the original games will have time to get familiar with everything Bejeweled Stars has to offer—and even cook up some new strategies—before offering up the in-app purchases.

You can download Bejeweled Stars from the iTunes App Store, or head to for more information.

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