Banner Saga 2 for iPhone and iPad unfurled

Published On September 29, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Banner Saga 2

If you’ve managed to put off playing Banner Saga 2 because you wanted to do so on your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device, the putting of the off is over. Stoic and Versus Evil have announced that the turn-based strategy RPG is now available to download on the App Store for mobile devices for just $4.99.

Banner Saga 2 is, of course, the sequel to the stellar RPG The Banner Saga, which was awarded Pocket Gamer’s Best RPG Game of the Year and selected by Apple as an “Editor’s Choice” title and named as one of the “Top 50 Rated Paid Apps.” Part two was released earlier this year for PC, Mac, and consoles where it continued to receive excellent reviews across the board, including from our own David Temple. He lauded the game’s narrative focus, stating, “… if you appreciate story-driven tactical combat as much as we do here at Public Access Gaming, then Banner Saga 2 is a great addition to your virtual box of games.”

Banner Saga 2

As with the Mac version, Banner Saga 2 for iOS features:

  • Gorgeous 2D combat sequences, animations and effects
  • The ability to carry on your story and choices from The Banner Saga or jump into the adventure from scratch with pre-set character options.
  • A truly epic setting inspired by real Viking myths
  • Improved, turn-based battles demand precision and strategy
  • Level up your characters’ stats and unlock devastating new moves with customary RPG upgrades
  • Hard choices in and out of battle as danger lurks around each corner
  • Permanent loss of characters if you choose poorly
  • New faces, including the new Horseborn race, join your epic journey
  • A critical role in building and managing your caravan, not only for your own survival but the survival of an entire civilization
  • A soundtrack by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory

Stoic is now focusing on the development of the third and final installment of The Banner Saga, so grab Banner Saga 2 before you don’t get behind. For more information, visit

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