As if four movies weren’t enough, here comes an Avatar mobile game

Published On June 28, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad


Remember when you saw Avatar in glorious 3D at the movie theater and thought it was really cool, but then you watched it at home on 2D TV a few months later and realized, “Hey, isn’t this just Dances With Wolves in outer space?”

Well, yes. It is. But there are a couple important differences. First, Dances With Wolves isn’t getting four sequels. Second, Dances With Wolves isn’t getting a mobile game. Kabam, Lightstorm Entertainment and 20thCentury Fox have announced a partnership to develop a massively multiplayer mobile strategy game set in the world of Avatar. The new game will utilize characters and environments from the Avatar films to bring the world of Pandora to life.

Kabam will work closely with the creative team at Lightstorm to develop the game, creating an unprecedented mobile experience designed to re-immerse fans into the Avatar universe ahead of the highly anticipated release of Avatar 2.  Once launched, the game will continue to be updated and evolve, helping to expand the alien world that users can explore and experience. As 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment roll out each of the four planned Avatar sequels, the game will take players into new, uncharted territory.

It would of course be easy to scoff at the notion of a mobile Avatar game, and you’re right to do so, but Kabam has a pretty solid record of giving gamers what they want from their movie tie-ins. They’ve developed games for Marvel, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros., and Universal, for example, and the Avatar game is slated to be the company’s biggest-ever release. Would James Cameron have it any other way?

That, and honestly, the Avatar universe is pretty much unfolding like a video game already, touching upon all the tropes: unlikely hero man, evil corporate guy, megalomaniacal military dude, benevolent scientist woman, and a world that’s explored dungeon by dungeon, more or less. We saw the forest world in Avatar, and the forthcoming movies will surely take us to the underwater world, the volcano/fire world, and the mountainous/ice world.

Hey, as long as it looks like a rip-off of a Roger Dean painting, I’m in. I dig me some Roger Dean.


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