About Us

Public Access Gaming was launched in October 2015 by a team of Apple bloggers who had become disgruntled with the current state of web journalism. Rather than continue to seek work for websites that rely on standard tricks to grab pageviews, we wanted to hark back to the early days of the tech web when content was more important than the headline.

You see, none of us make our living doing this. We have better-paying day jobs. Some of us have families. A couple have beards. But we all have this in common:

  1. We love playing games.
  2. We love talking about games.
  3. We’re all Apple users.

And so, Public Access Gaming was born, with a focus on Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Apple TV content. Our goal is to make you aware of the great titles currently available and heading to your favorite Apple product(s), and we will do so through reviews, interviews, press release coverage, video, and additional feature content. However, we very much want you be part of the conversation. Register with us, bookmark us, join us for dinner if you like (my wife has yet to serve a chicken dish I haven’t enjoyed). We’re on Twitter now, and will soon be everywhere else you’d expect to find avid gamers; just gotta get those set up.

And by all means, whether you’re a gamer or a game developer, be sure to let us know what you love, what you’re looking forward to, or what you’re sending our way. The more we have to talk about, the more quality programming we’ll be able to send your way.