1985 Soviet technology comes to iPhone and Apple Watch in Komrad

Published On September 19, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Apple Watch, iPhone/iPad

This announcement came last week, but it sounds so cool we wanted to make sure you knew about it.

KOMRADBrad Becker—CEO of Sentient Play and former Chief Design Officer on IBM’s Watson—has created an interactive chat game centered around, of course, conversational computers. The game, KOMRAD, was built in Apple’s Swift 3, offering an integrated gaming experience across iOS devices and Apple Watch.

KOMRAD pulls players into an interactive story of a long-forgotten Soviet supercomputer that is awakening after thirty dormant years. Obviously, it’s going to be a little confused, and it’ll be up to you to either befriend it and teach it the ways of our modern society or cause nuclear destruction. So, you know…no pressure there.

With KOMRAD, Becker and the Sentient Play team are using interactive chat games to change the way people experience narrative fiction, and they plan to keep that rolling. “KOMRAD represents Sentient Play’s first step into this world of mobile storytelling—but it won’t be our last,” said Becker. We’re focused on building a narrative games publishing platform so that we can help authors tell their own interactive tales, too.”

If you’re interested in trying it out, KOMRAD is available now in the App Store for $2.99. That meager price means you won’t be burdened with in-app purchases, which is good news. Try explaining IAPs to a thirty-year-old Soviet super-computer without causing the bombs to rain down.

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